Mar. 4th, 2011 01:22 am
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Echo, echo...echo?

Normally I update for birthdays. Belated or otherwise. This time it's the opposite. My dad died.

That is all.
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Happy belated birthday wherever you are, davidy. I didn't forget, I was simply buried under a pile of healthcare forms and whatnot. I hope you had far more fun on your birthday.

I could

Jul. 19th, 2010 09:49 am
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I could sit here and say a lot of things. I suppose. I'm not feeling all that wordy this morning, which isn't all that unusual.  I could rant and rave like some over being told, eons ago, one thing only to have that be negated years later.

But I'm going to save that kind of ranting for stuff that truly annoys the hell out of me or actually hurts. Or for crazy hormonal twists.  Whichever. (You decide?)

Not a lot to update on.  Same old, same old, just a different year.  I'm now 29. I feel old. But not really. I feel like I should feel old, but mostly I just feel not all that accomplished.  Gee, I wonder why.   I'm the same age my grandmother would say she was whenever she was asked, despite the fact that no one had bought that story in quite some time. :P  I am the same age people use as their lie. Weird.  

And what do I have to show for it?  Admittedly awesome hair that needs to be dyed. Other than that and the occasional nephew's love... not a ton.  The fun part is that this only bothers me when I factor in the age thing. OR when I spend too much time around married folks. (Yes. Folks. Deal with it.)  Some couples irk me.  Some do not. I used to think it had to do with how cutesy or lovey dovey they are.  Now I think it's just how bitchy I'm feeling that day, because the same couple I can be fine with one day?  Brings on the inferiority complex the next.

That said, the idea of finding someone to be all sickeningly sweet with isn't all that appealing.  I know.  They aren't going to just fall out of the sky. But since I have since acquired even more trust issues, I have to remind myself that not all people suck.  And that not all people you believed to be worth the risk really are.  Frick to the balance there, eh?

  In the meantime I'll just look forward to the couple of times a month I get to talk to someone who seems even less thrilled with humanity (in a non sociopathic sort of way) than I am.

The good news is that for all the introspection that may or may not be done, or all the times I casually contemplate stabbing someone with a pen (usually at work), I'm usually pretty happy. How odd is that?

Now the mindless chatter is making it impossible to think, let alone type. Which means maybe it's time for a trip to Target.

So, hey!
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Wherever you are, happy birthday, David.
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Belated birthday love to Calli and happy birthday to [ profile] merisa!

Hrmm )
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I dunno if you still lurk, but if you do, happy birthday, david. :)
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Sometimes I wonder if a particular co-worker actually does any of the chore-like stuff she's supposed to do, or if she's got some special "don't have to clean the bathrooms" card. If so, wonder if I can steal it.

Happy belated birthdays, people.

I'm still hunting wild lost people.

Good, good times.
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happy belated birthday, zeddie. :D
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You know what's fun? Spending all week trying to hunt someone down, only to be thwarted at every turn. So then you're left, relatively alone, to ponder whether someone is avoiding you, or whether this is one of those big [small, really, but it seems big at the time, as all little hearbreaking dramas tend to seem] cosmic mixups life seems to favor so much. And it's not like someone else's input will really help, although you kind of wish you could articulate it so that you didn't sound as pathetic as you imagine you are, and in some way so as to relieve the building bubble of insanity, but alas, it was not to be. So instead you're sure you sound quite crazy, but what else can you do?

I dunno. Stalking in all it's forms has failed and I can't find the phone number and I'm sure it wouldn't make much difference as I've been left in limbo for the better part of a week. I'd say someone's either in traction, or they're going to be really soon.

I much prefer indignant rage to this horrible woe-is-me feeling. It's not often that I feel like drinking, but lately it's a good thing my brother drinks [and then subsequently pukes] everything he can find that's even vaguely alcoholic. Otherwise there might be something left for the rest of the world.

*marries icon and registers for acres of glassware*
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In honor of someone's birthday, I dreamt of going to Japan and dying in a freak accident. It was weird, particularly as I wouldn't think anyone could ever think a building with that much water going around just for show would possibly be a good idea. Huh.

Anyway, happy birthday, davidy!
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Overly patriotic music is wrong. It belongs in one of the circles of hell, and having to hear it for two nights is enough to make one go completely, totally batshit crazy.

That is all.
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It's snowing, actually snowing, and not a single person in this house or that I could call so they could possibly poke their heads outside and see for themselves is awake.

Snowing, people. Here. In hell.

Holidays come early, I guess.
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happy birthday, [ profile] zztzed... wait, that feels wrong. How about zeddie? Yes, that'll work.

Here's hoping that unlike me, you aren't sick for your birthday.

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There is now a new rule in place.

Thou shalt not wake me up if someone I know and love has died. If they're dying, fine. Go ahead. If they're actually dead, please spare me that split second before the world kind of tilts to one side and then laughs hysterically at you as you struggle to wake up and make sense of the words.

Now, if you're waking me up because you need comfort over someone's passing, fine. But if you're just going to shock the hell out of me, please let me get that extra hour of sleep or something.

As it is, I'm wired and lonely, and my brain is somehow firing a thousand things a second [many regret, though not all] and also mush all at once.

Contemplating that episode of Supernatural I haven't yet seen and then a marathon of any of the other shows I'm behind on.

Or sitting here, staring off into space like an idiot.

I was right, though. When I was a kid, I figured now matter how old I'd be when my aunt died, I'd think of the little blue birds she used to let me play with at her apartment, death by chocolate, and the slew of books she provided me with.
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Today is not so good.

Repeat the symphony on how much I suck and make up new words to the same old tune. If you need me, I'll be in the corner, slamming my head into a wall until I pass out.

Preferably not literally.
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Assuming my brain understood correctly, the dress [of doom?] will be aboot $186. Some people might go all weak in the knees at the thought of discussing price tags on this, but they can fan themselves and whisper loudly about the vapors elsewhere. I figure there's little chance of me remembering if I don't write it down numerous places. :p So I've got about a week to psych myself up for the horrors of being measured. *twitch* Do you think they'll mind if I drink heavily beforehand? Or if I ignore everything with the help of music directed into my brain. I don't need to know any numbers or anything. They can hold off on the snickers until I leave. I'm okay with that.

Yeah. Issues, I have a few.

I need a hair cut. It's getting to that really annoying length where I begin to wonder if I'm going to inadvertently snap my own neck. Which would suck. [/understatement]

I think I shall go chase after a cat for kicks and giggles.
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How exactly do I spend the first day of my vacation? the bathtub. That was a couple of hours ago. I've since spent the time in between waiting for the water to drain so I can see if it's actually clean or if I was just seeing things. Where's the drano when you need it?

Today is sunshine's birthday. Or, if you'd prefer, the day I ceased to be an only child and a world filled with murderous attempts to reclaim that title began. Yay!

He's getting a Family Guy pen because it seemed wrong to buy him absolutely nothing. This way he can write how much he hates me and say it aloud. Joy!
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if you're all birthday gifts, woman! )

This really only applies to maybe two people, but since one pointed out I'd neglected to get all greedy for material goods, there you have it. ;)

Btw, sorry about running off the other day, zeddie. Power flickers and brother being a pain the arse so early in the morning. I know, excuses. I suck.

[and attempts to stalk davidy still fail. Woe. :/ ]
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