Jun. 30th, 2006 10:29 am
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happy birthday [ profile] merisa


Jun. 10th, 2006 10:37 am
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Now that the gloriousness of Calli's birthday has passed, I come to you with a public service announcement:

My birthday is in a month. Check the date. Change the month and you will have the date. It's very, very simple. Most of you can ignore this since a) I suck and b) after a, there's really very little point in continuing down the alphabet.

For those not exempt from this [you know who you are, logically and all] might I stress that this year I'll be a quarter of a century old? Since 22 wasn't special enough to get anything spectacular and last year I was blown off on pretty much all fronts, this year you must do better. Your own birthdays and perhaps your very lives depend on it. Or at least continuing friendship with moi, that is. We're not talking big, but we would appreciate someone pretending to give half a damn while in my presence. Phoning your contribution in will be frowned upon. I understand you've got lives and whatnot, but come on. I've waited how many years? That's right. Break the curse.

Request the day off, plan something, and make sure it's something I'd want to do. Birthday. Me. Ring any bells?

25. Crap.
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happy birthday, [ profile] callibabes!

now, to stalk people this weekend. you up for stalkage, stalkable types?
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the missing frame

One at a time
constants become surreal
One at a time
heart attacks are concealed
I can see that I
lose the joys of life
One at a time
suicides are revealed
You will see that I
lost another life
but tonight

I'll let you tear it up
if you don't wake me up
but, if you tear it
we can't repair it
So please don't wake me
til someone cares
Now, no one cares

One at a time
I watched them all forget
One at a time
I'm lost in little deaths
It's the place that I
I forget my life
like tonight

I'll let you tear it up
if you don't wake me up
but, if you tear it
we can't repair it
So please don't wake me
til someone cares
Now, no one cares

Will the flood behind me
put out the fire inside me?

I'll let you tear it up
I'll let you break it up
if you don't wake me up
but if you tear it
we can't repair it
So, please don't wake me
til someone cares.
Now, no one cares

I'll let you tear it up
if you don't wake me up
cause it's apparant
that you don't care
and it's sunk into me
cause I don't care
Now no one cares

I love songs that sound really upbeat, but couldn't be further from sunshine and rainbows lyrically if they tried really hard.

*wonders if the magic useless types who will subsequently go far, far away for being annoying will appear yet again*

New CDs make me happy.
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Know what's fun? An ever present countdown in the back of your head. Couple that with the unending love songs that make even a sane person ready to crack, and I have a daily, "You know, it sucks when you realize someone obviously doesn't love you anymore" mental reminder.

On the other hand, that's probably why the gods created Scrubs. You laugh and then they give you a good reason to cry. Not that I don't think I have a perfectly valid reason to do so, but you know, just in case.

Also, tis odd to run into one of the boy's friends at work and have them call you a genius. Granted, I imagine he's fried at least half his brain cells, but we'll still take the compliment.

or not

May. 4th, 2006 10:55 am
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ahoy ryan,
I thought about sending you a letter, only I then figured why bother spending 39 cents plus the cost of paper and an envelope on something that will just go totally ignored?
Especially when I can get the same results for free.

Today sucks. Thought I'd share the obvious.
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Apparently the going rate for three human lives in SC is $5,000. Go figure, eh? That's how much someone was willing to pay to off her two stepsons and a girlfriend.

Ready for the kicker?

Are ya?

No. Seriously. Are you?

I thought so. One of the two stepsons...? Is one of the boy's former best friends. We grew up together, he lived on the next street over, and we relieved him of his second hamster when he proved he couldn't keep it. Mainly because his first died within days of being bought and the second reason? His stepmother was nuttier than a frickin' fruitcake.

Obviously, since 15 odd years later she tried to hire someone to kill him, his girlfriend, and his decidedly odd older brother. Why? Why did she want them dead? To get them out of the house.

I'd snort, but it's sad. There is an amusing part though, once you get past the fact that she tried. to. hire. someone. to. kill. three. people.

Anyway, the amusing part came when the police went through the house [I'm too lazy to go downstairs and re-read why] and found cocaine. So all three of the 'victims' ended up in jail too. Ha!

No? Not funny? In poor taste?

This just blew my mind in a million little ways. I wonder how Princess will react. It's not like he's friends with Chris anymore, and I think i have more contact with him than the boy does [remember, kids, shop at walgreens in the middle of the night cuz ain't nothin' else on the goddamned island open. *dies*] still... Who thinks their former bestfriend will narrowly escape death in that sort of form?

Huh. And how did I find out about it? Dad was reading the paper and had a small field day with this. Not to say he was amused, except for the jail bit at the end. Anyway.
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That was a waste of... however many hours of my life. Why did I watch the Oscars when I don't think I saw a single film nominated? Well, there was the amusement at seeing a Dawson's Creek alum nominated for an Academy Award, or a guest star from numerous TV shows you might not associate with quality [if nothing else, Charmed :p] also nominated... but the biggest reason? Jon Stewart. The love, oh the love. On the other hand, I probably could have just remembered to watch any given episode of The Daily Show and that would have amused me more, without all the friggin' montages.

So, let's see. Update time. Our Lady of Misery has moved out, but if you are the police, I know not where he is. He also comes back weekly, so honestly, leave me alone and you'll find him soon enough. Jackie's still with her boytoy who's less toy and more potential scar-my-nephew-for-life-scum [and if he is, I will not be held accountable for my actions, cuz, dude, seriously] and their daughter is set for arrival on Earth sometime this month. Despite whatever they name her [I don't know which spelling of her first name they're going with, and as I've always been touchy about people misspelling my name, I feel it would be rude to do the same thing, unborn or otherwise], I'm calling her Ozma. I don't remember the verbal wordplay that led to this decision, but it's not totally random. Ozma's baby shower was today. Yesterday. Sunday. I won't say I didn't get an invite, as I would imagine it'd be frickin' obvious. I imagine you do not invite your ex-boyfriend's sister to your babyshower. Even if she's as fabulous as I am. *sniff*
So, am I supposed to treat Ozma differently than I do Widget since I'm actually related to Widge and not Oz? I think not. If nothing else, that's a recipe for sibling rivalry that they don't need.

I still work in a little slice of Hades, or Walgreens. Whichever you prefer. Every other weekend something goes horribly wrong in our little corner of stores that are open. It's insane. There aren't that many things on the Island open at night, yet the cops? Are always suprised when they're called. Like, "no shit, someone actually noticed the neon signs? Really? The stretch of dark road we were staring at wasn't where the action was going on? Duuuuuude." Not that anything happened while I was working this weekend. I'm told someone died last weekend, but I was sick, so I missed that thrilling bit of drama. Not that I needed to be around for it, thank you. Third shift is still short changed, which I'm thinking won't really change immediately. Okay, that probably jinxed it. But if you hire people and they're all set to come in, and then never do? There's a problem somewhere. Gimme my extra nickel an hour, kay? We'd still be broke, but with an extra shiny nickel. Bah. I'm sorry, your store gets robbed and we don't quit? I say raise. But no one else sees the logic, despite the fact that not even management will work our shift. Dude, they get paid more than twice what we do and still don't think it's enough to risk the night?

Otherwise, I've spent oodles of time just avoiding all kinds of things. Most things are just in my head, but I've been spending much time alone. This whole reverse of everyone around here schedule is a bit of a bitch. I'm thinking I might have figured out why certain people's shrinks do not 'allow' them to work overnight. :p It messes with your brain just a tad. Or maybe it's me. I'm not sure.

Anyway. Nothing much has changed. I still suck, the world still does not revolve around me, and I'm still tired of the same old crap. I just don't talk as much.

Part of that is that I'm lazy. You know this, I know this, everyone knows this. Part of it is that I'm just so tired after getting off work that there's only so much time to do things, and unfortunately laundry, shower, and the like tend to trump other things.

I need a vacation. I need a new me.

I also need my friggin' bank account to get fixed. Who the hell takes a card from one branch of a store and skips over to another branch of the store and uses it there? Who? Apparently the person who took my card, that's who.

And in parting, I maintain my gig as one of the last people to continue to say no to MySpace. I'm thinking I'm gonna need a drinking game to get through my subscription to AP. From the music 'fans' who bitch more than any human being has a right to bitch, to the numerous MS mentions, it's gonna kill me very dead. [Sorry, someone else mentioned it elsewhere, so it reminded me of my status.]

Miss me? I quite possibly missed you and felt the guilt until it crushed my spleen. I hope you took your piece while you had the option.
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Enjoy your holiday, whatever that may have been? Yeah, I'm too lazy to type up or even think up all the options. I could rant about that, but I'm too tired. I should be asleep, like everyone else in the house is, especially when you consider the fact that I've been awake since before 6am.

That would be intelligent, so instead I'm here staring at the nail on my ring finger and thinking I should cut it since I can no longer type comfortably. Which then makes me think about rings and how Jackie's waiting for a ring from her deadbeat boyfriend, and that makes me wonder why anyone would stick with such a moron of epic proportions, and then I start to feel bad.

My brain obviously requires sleep.

Finished Predator and thought of Calli-luv because it's Patricia Cornwell. spoilers? )

Christmas wasn't exactly joyful and it wasn't claw my eyes out horrid either. The boy sulked quite a bit, and I don't fully understand why. But I've given up understanding the mystery that is the boy. Widget is a brat. I love him, but oh my lord, he's obnoxious. And I'm wondering just what exactly he's seeing/hearing when he's at home with Jackie and asswipe.
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You know what's fun? Waking up to an email forwarded to me from my father, which is basically my uncle demanding details so he can hunt Jackie down.

Christmas is gonna be fun this year.
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I feel like the birthday messenger. Only, ha! I'm not announcing any birthday this go round. So, yay me, I suppose. I guess I could wish Matt a happy birthday, only let's be realistic, no one would believe I wasn't being a smidge sarcastic about it, even if I wasn't. Let's spare ourselves the possible agony.

I was reminded that I am still capable of being truly happy for someone else, and it's a nice feeling. Not the deepest thought that, but true all the same.

In case you pondered:
Work is still soul sucking at times and fine at others. I do not really understand the midnight shopper, and I'm never going to be amused by the people who come in, throw a bitchfit, and then try and play it off like it was a joke. I'm back to being a little twitchy when weird people arrive and act... weirdly. The other night the power went off for a good ten minutes, and might I say it was a little freaky? Scratch that, very freaky.

Our Lady of perpetual misery still vexes me greatly. Though it's less vexing and more wondering why he and his current girl-type are still together. Rumor mill working over time has him thinking of the army again. Personally I can't help but see disaster if that comes to pass. Of course, I always see disaster.

Widget is still M.I.A. Thinking of this seems to depress everyone around here, so no one's had the guts to risk pissing OLoPM off and asking him about Widget. Thus the cycle continues. I miss Widget, and should I ever meet the guy that finally made the boy look like a keeper, I will kick him so hard in the crotch he will never have to worry about procreation again.

holiday whinge )

So. How the hell are you?
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What's that you say? Crackheads?

Yes. Remind me to tell that story later. For now, we throw confetti for [ profile] zztzed's birthday. For he is zeddie and we love him so. :)

Go buy him stuff, or give him a hug or something. Probably whatever it is he'd like, since it's rude to annoy someone on their birthday.
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When did Hanson return to semi-popularity to the point where I can't go 24 hours without seeing/hearing something about them? Is it just the places the haunt, or should I be looking to see if Hell has frozen over?
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happy birthday, [ profile] kaleene!

Now to toddle off and wrap the ari-fairy gift. Possible the other one as well. Not sure. And assemble the whole presentation thing.

Oh yes. There will be celebrating, even if I have to kill you to do so.
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I paid a small fortune for my phone to be turned back on. I then spent a small fortune buying ari's present and card, and still have tomorrow's ...whatever we are doing. My bank account will be grateful when Wednesday gets here and no one is bleeding it dry.

For awhile, anyway.

Vacation is great. There's something sorta giddy about realizing the week ahead of me is work free.

And Cass gave me Charmed S2. :D

If you need me, I'll be lying dead in my room.
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who wants to provide me with the next bit of chobits crack? because, seriously, I'm fairly certain that when I'm done with #3 I'm going to curl up and weep for the lack of more to read right now, dammit.

i'm sick. where's the sympathy?
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happy birthday missy cass!
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dear Princess and the current flavor of the month,
I do not need to hear Flavor's breathy high pitches moans. I really, really don't. She's just fucking showing off man, and it's a little creepy, kay? She's entirely too loud if I can fucking [no pun intended] hear her all the way in here.

The fact that she sounds more than a little like this plastic alien Jackie brought with her that squeaks anytime you even look at it funny is a little weird as well.

Please shut the hell up, or else I'll be forced to go knock on the door and tell you to shut the fuck up.

And that would be majorly awkward. Totally.

If you need me, I'll be dying a little inside. Ew.

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dear you,
thursday came and went. Nada. Sunday came and went. Nada. You are so totally getting socks. Especially since you always complain about weekends being your "special" time and then seem to always have everyone else under the friggin' sun over.

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Mr. Bitches tally, day four billion. Shortly after arriving at work, Mr. Bitches ran into Gramma. Gramma then came over to get rung up, looked at me, giggled [I swear] and said, "If I were a few years younger, I'd flirt with him!" And then bemoaned her age and the fact that he was too young for her. She then turned to the rude girl behind her and said, "If you'd been here sooner, you'd have seen this really cute young man." Then proceeded to gush a little more.

Apparently everyone luves Mr. Bitches. I'm thinking I should sell posters or something. :p

Today looks to be beautiful. funny that this time yesterday everyone was doing the chicken little about Ophelia, eh?
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