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Belated birthday love to Calli and happy birthday to [ profile] merisa!

So, MJ's death is bringing out the crazy in everyone. People at the store are going into conspiracy theory mode [yes. Seriously.] and people who I strongly suspect would beat the shit out of anyone else who was considered half as guilty as the general consenus for Michael's kid-love are all, "but he was a tortured artist!" and my brain, oh, she boggles. I cannot truly separate the man he seemed to have become from the guy who had those songs I really liked as a kid. And everyone else either can or is willing to hope that maybe this is one of those cases where the majority thinks something happened, but in reality MJ was just nuts enough to never fully grow up and nothing really happened. And that's before you factor in his actual behaviour into the equation.

So no. I'm not sitting here mourning a piece of my childhood dying. I'm not sobbing and making a run to the store for emergency icecream rations. I am, however, wondering if this makes me a bit of a bitch. This isn't to say I'm happy he's dead. I just... don't have the emotional kick to it, I guess? Or maybe I was wrong. Maybe I can separate the MJ I knew of as a kid from the man he became, and I've already mourned that loss over the years.

I think we have a winner. And now I feel slightly better. Sadly, that is the least of my worries. The boy has much drama, most of it I cannot speak of only to say ow, my head, she's killing me just thinking about it. The store is going to start selling alcohol which means I should probably actually begin looking for another job because I don't know if you know this, but I hate drunk people. :P

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