Oct. 24th, 2006

impthefirst: (siiigh)
There is now a new rule in place.

Thou shalt not wake me up if someone I know and love has died. If they're dying, fine. Go ahead. If they're actually dead, please spare me that split second before the world kind of tilts to one side and then laughs hysterically at you as you struggle to wake up and make sense of the words.

Now, if you're waking me up because you need comfort over someone's passing, fine. But if you're just going to shock the hell out of me, please let me get that extra hour of sleep or something.

As it is, I'm wired and lonely, and my brain is somehow firing a thousand things a second [many regret, though not all] and also mush all at once.

Contemplating that episode of Supernatural I haven't yet seen and then a marathon of any of the other shows I'm behind on.

Or sitting here, staring off into space like an idiot.

I was right, though. When I was a kid, I figured now matter how old I'd be when my aunt died, I'd think of the little blue birds she used to let me play with at her apartment, death by chocolate, and the slew of books she provided me with.

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